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Elycia A.

AMAZINGGGG!!! I'm a Halloween lover and go to Halloween events every year. I've been to several this Halloween season and this is by far the scariest I've ever been to. The actors were amazing and very interactive. I thought the props were awesome and they did a great job. This place deserves 5 stars.

Shannon N.

 I attended Feargrounds haunted attraction in Uxbridge on Saturday night. We were blown away, it sure captures its name, "Feargrounds." ... If you are looking to celebrate the Halloween season, you must add Feargrounds haunted attraction to your list.

Tracy D.

We went last night - my heart was still racing an hour later but it was so good! Exceeded our expectations!

Elizabeth M.

Scary af! Like for real. I screamed a ton and tried to run away multiple times. To the point where im not going to another one this year cuz this one was good enough.
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